Mike O'Donoghue

"Mike O'Donoghue a Thirty-year plus drummer and percussionist who has had a very amazing career ride in many genres of music"

Mike started out his career as Percussionist, 1st Chair Symphonic band and Drum-line Captain Marching band, Drumset-Jazz Band: Keystone Heights Jr/Sr High School and Drummer/back-up Vocals for The Monks where we performed for High School dances and volunteered for the annual Jacksonville Chapter Special Olympics. From there he moved onto be the Drummer/back-up vocals for Rock Band Livewire-Keystone Heights, Winners of Local Battle of the Bands 1987. Then sat in and jammed at the Renowned Dubbs in Gainesville with the groups Redline and Scorcher (Which would later become the band Sister Hazel)

He then went on to attend the Musicians Institute for Percussion & Drum Performance working with Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa) and Joe Porcaro( Toto) both of whom he had the privilege to jam with as well as work in local clubs.

Songwriting and Music Business/Marketing & Drummer for Progressive Rock band Yin/Yang and various other gigs working with Craig Goldy of Dio in the Studio and live with Gregg Bissonnette of David Lee Roth in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area. Drums/Percussion and Production and various gigs (including playing out with The Zoo/The Groove who’s frontman was Arnel Pineda-now Lead Singer of Journey). 

Was also Drumset/Percussion and vocals with Progressive/Fusion group Rich Lyle/Master of None. Had the honor of jamming with Paul Rodgers of Bad Co. who sat in with the band at a gig at Washington Square on the famous South Beach strip in ‘93. Played in Rock cover band Chunx of Notes. Also Sons & Daughters/Heartbeat Orchestra which toured and played from South Florida all the way to LA playing in renowned venues such as  The Filmore/Jackie Gleason Theatre, The Shrine Auditorium and The Rose Bowl (along with Speech of Arrested Development), Driven rock and worship band and percussion/vocals with Dan Castille.

In the latter years, Mike has mainly been happy working in various Drums / Percussion and Production gigs such as:

Jacksonville Church of Christ Music Ministry, Percussion with Classic Rock and R&B band Normaltown, Percussionist specializing in Tympani with First Coast Wind Ensemble. Jacksonville Church of Christ worship band, Afro/Cuban group Hibiscus, Even Steven (including vocals), Volunteering at American Legions/Veterans Centers and various others, just to name a few. Having given private lessons and Clinics all over the country and overseas such as Alma mater Musicians Institute in Los Angeles & Metro Manila, in the Philippines, he still enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. 

Mike will be coaching our Weekend Warriors round starting soon at George's Music in Jacksonville, Florida. George's Music is excited to join the Weekend Warriors family and become one of our Host Stores. If you live in Jacksonville and want to experience what it's like to be in a band and to learn from some of the industry's best, then click below!