Weekend Warriors has landed in the USA!

The Weekend Warriors recreational music program was first born here in the United States. In a full circle motion, this program has travelled to the land down under (Australia) where it's undergone an evolution. After 15 years of success, the Weekend Warriors program is back and ready to spread across this great land like a wildfire!

Beginning with an introductory jam, potential warriors are brought together to play music, swap stories and get to know each other. After the intro jam, our coaches and program administrators will divide the talent into bands. We typically group people based on numerous factors, style of music, ability, age etc. But generally we like to have a diverse mix as diversity breeds ingenuity. 

Your band will then be assigned a coach and you'll get your rehearsal space, instruments and rehearsal time slot each week. This is your time to bask in the experience of your very talented mentor and hone your skills to wow the audience at the final concert. After a few weeks of practice, we put on one hell of a concert and you rock the house! 

We are starting our whirlwind rollout of the USA in good ol' Seattle, Washington.

If you're local to that area and interested in being a participant click here.

Prospective coaches click here.

If you're a store in another part of the country and want to host a Warriors program (there is no charge, only benefits) - then click here. 

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